The Meeting Point Of American And Indian Cultures

Spectacular view of New Delhi at night

Though America and India are located several thousand miles apart and in different continents, there are similarities between the two countries that are hard to miss. Take a look at the similarities listed below.

Political: Both India and the USA are large countries. While the USA is among the richest countries in the world, India is still a developing economy. Before their independence both the countries were British colonies. Both the nations are democracies; the USA is the oldest democracy in the world. The countries have a diverse, multi-ethnic population, but national pride and patriotism have been instilled in the hearts of their citizens for eons. Both countries have the similar structure of state and central governments. There is a trend of dynasty-politics in India as well as the USA. Neither of their capitals, New Delhi or Washington D.C., is the financial or cultural hub of their countries.

Religion: India and the USA are tolerant countries whose citizens follow any religion of their choice. They both have a religion that the majority of the people follow (Hinduism in India and Christianity in the USA) and the people are conservative and show deference to their religion. Both Hinduism and Christianity have multiple sub sects but all of them co-exist in relative harmony. Both the countries have their share of bizarre religious cults with massive following. Indian Yogic practice is very popular in the USA, with over 700 established yoga studios. Vegetarianism and veganism are also becoming popular lifestyle choices in the USA.

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Racism: Extremely harsh form of racism had existed in the societies of both India and the USA in the past. In India, the ‘Shudra’, the people belonging to the lowest rung of society, were treated abominably. They were not allowed to enter temples or even live near the people belonging to upper caste and were referred by the derogatory term, ‘untouchables’. The case of African Americans in the USA was very similar. They were treated as slaves and had no rights. They weren’t allowed to enter restaurants frequented by white people or to reside among white communities. They were disrespectfully called Negros.

It is heartening to see that the status of these oppressed communities in India and the USA have improved tremendously over the years because of the affirmative actions taken by the respective governments. They are now accorded equal status in society.

Music and Entertainment: Film industry is huge in both the countries. Watching movies with family and friends in the movie hall is a favorite pastime of many. Hollywood and Bollywood (in India) releases are much-hyped and awaited for. Stars are given demi-God status and are considered the ultimate style gurus. Indian stars have acted in many Hollywood blockbusters. American movie stars and singers have a huge fan following in India.

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