Parts Of North India With Cultures That May Be Weird To Americans

India is a diverse land of numerous religions, customs, languages, and traditions. Many customs and traditions have been around for centuries and have become part of the culture, but to an American tourist they may appear bizarre or funny. Here are a few examples from North India:

  • Marriage of frogs – In order to
    Women in India host frog wedding

    welcome monsoon showers, people perform the marriage of two frogs. The croaking sound is considered a good omen that welcomes rain God, Indra.

  • Girls marrying the Peepal tree – Girls of marriageable age who are found to have a ‘defect’ or dosh in their horoscope tie the knot, literally, with a Peepal tree before she marries her fiancé. This is why you may see a Peepal tree with many strings of multi-colored (mostly yellow with red) thread tied around it!
  • Indian hosts consider their guest as God. Be prepared to be ‘assaulted’ by their hospitality, especially if you’re invited for a meal.
  • Always take off footwear before entering a home. You are expected to.
  • Always wash your hands before and after a meal (even if spoons were used for eating!)

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