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Sundarbans National Park

Tiger, Sundarbans National Park
Fact Files : Sundarbans National Park

Location: Piyali, West Bengal
Nearest Access : Gosaba (50-kms)
Main Wildlife Found : Bengal Tiger, Ridley Sea Turtle
Coverage Area :

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Sunderbans Tour Package
About Sundarbans National Park
The mangrove forests and marshland in the delta region of Sunderbans are a part of the world’s largest mangrove swamp and delta region of three great rivers – Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Meghna. The Sunderbans National Park stretch to an area of about 2,585 sq km area have a very interesting wildlife. It was named after Sundari trees that were once found in abundance here.

Flora and Fauna in Sundarbans National Park
Featuring on the world tourism map as the largest estuarine delta in the world, sense mangrove swam forests of Sunderbans display beauty of the fairyland during Spring and Summer Seasons. The flaming red leaves of Genwa in April and May, yellow blooms of Khalsi, emerald green interwoven forests, and crab like red flowers of Kankara put on an amazing display of natural bliss that provides perfect photography material.

Home to more than 400 Royal Bengal Tigers who can swim expertly in water channels of the marshland, Sunderbans is one of the finest destinations for an exciting wildlife adventure trip. Chital Deer and Rhesus Monkeys are numerous and crocodiles can be seen along the mud banks. Aquatic fauna that can be seen here include Hermit Crabs, Red Fiddler Crabs, and fishes. Batagur Baska on the Mechua Beach and Ridley Sea Turtle at Kanak are endangered species. Barking Deer in the Holiday Island and reptiles such as Rock Python, King Cobra, and Water Monitor are other wildlife attractions of Sunderbans.

Prime Attractions of Sunderbans
  • Bhagabatpur: Hatchery of the world’s largest estuarine crocodiles.
  • Holiday Island: Last retreat of Barking Deer in India.
  • Kaikhali Island: Ideal picnic spot on the way to Sunderbans famous for its natural beauty.
  • Kanak: Nesting place of endangered Olive Ridley Turtles, one of the smallest species of marine turtles in the world with a heart-shaped shell of olive green color.
  • Netidhopani: A 400-year old temple in ruins, a tiger watch tower and the interesting mythological legend of the place lend an aura of mystery to this place.
  • Piyali: 72 kms from Kolkatta, Pyali is a delightful delta region of River Malta. Green paddy fields and scenic views around its tourist complex make it an idyllic and romantic holiday destination.
  • The Sajnakhali Sanctuary: This bird kingdom is a part of the National Park at Sunderbans. A delight to bird watchers, one can see Pelicans and as many as seven colorful species of avian fauna here including Kingfisher, Plovers, white-bellied Sea Eagle, Whimbrels, Lap-Wings, Curfews, and Sandpipers.

Best Season to Visit Sunderbans

Sunderbans National Park is open only from October to March. December, January and February are the best months to visit this mangrove, as winters are not as hot and humid as summer and monsoons in the area. It also allows you a chance to spot Royal Bengal Tigers easily, as they laze around in the sun during daytime along the river banks.

How to Reach Sunderbans National Park

Motor launch in the reverie waterways is the only way to reach Sunderbans. You can reach these waterways by road, rail or air.

By Air: The nearest airport to Sunderbans is at Kolkatta, 112 km away.

By Rail: The nearest railhead is at Canning, 48 km from here.

By Road: The road transportation is available from Kolkatta up to Namkhana, Sonakhali, Canning, Raidighi, and Najat, from where you can take the boat to Sunderbans.

General Info

Foreigners should contact Secretary of the West Bengal Forest Department in Kolkatta for Tiger Projects and Sajnakhali. To visit other areas of the park, permit can be obtained from the Field Director of the Sunderbans Tiger Reserve at Canning.

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