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Achanakmar Tiger Reserve


Tiger, Achanakmar Tiger ReserveAchanakmar Tiger Reserve is situated 55 km to the north-west of Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh, in the beautiful settings of the Maikal Ranges of Satpura hills sprawling over an area of 553.286 sq. km.

Sal, Bamboo and Teak Plantations are found in plenty in the Tiger Reserve.

Flora and Fauna

Tiger, leopard, bison, spotted deer, blue bull, sloth bear, python, gaur, chital, wild bear, striped hyena, jackal, Indian wild dog, sambhar, barking deer, gaur, wild boar, four-horned antelope and chinkara are the common fauna found in the sanctuary.

Other recorded species are hyena, wild dogs, hare, common grey langoor, Rhesus Macaque, Common Palm Squirrel, Indian Giant Squirrel, Indian rattle, porcupine, jackal, flying fox, jungle cat. The Mouse deer has also been spotted.

The Park is also very rich in avi-fauna. Different species of winter migratory birds and butterflies, mostly from moist river/nullah beds, have been recorded. A special attraction would be the lone crocodile in Sihawal Sagar, who is kept company by many reptiles.

You might find a few rare species like the male black-capped Black bird (Turdus merula nigropileus) or the tree shrew.

The zigzagging Maniyari river and a few tanks are the sources of water for the wild animals and the human population.

Favourable Time to Visit Achanakmar

To enjoy a mesmerizing experience of Maikal range, the best time to visit Tiger Reserve would be between the months of November and June, when the climate remains particularly pleasant and comfortable. The breathtaking view from the observation towers like Tangli Patha and Diya Barr will leave you with memories of dense lush green Sal and bamboo forests through which you can get an eagle's view of the winding network of hilly roads.

How To Reach

By air: Nearest airport at Raipur (200 km).

By railway: Nearest railway station is at Bilaspur (95 kms) and Pendra road (30 km) from the Kheochi gate.

By Roadways: 56 kms from Bilaspur; 21 kms from Amarkantak; 225 kms from Bandhavgarh and 230 kms from Kanha, Mukki Gate.

Added Attraction


Also known as "Teerthraj" (the king of pilgrimages), Amarkantak is a pilgrim town. This is where the two great rivers of India, the Narmada and the Sone, emerge; but flow in opposite directions.

The holiest spot in town is the Narmada Udgam, built at the source of the Narmada. The Mata Narmada Temple, faces the Narmada Udgam. An open pool, known as Narmada kund is adjacent to Narmada Udgam. Some of the temples to the south of this kund are the Machhendranath and Pataleshwar temples, the Keshav Narayan Temple. About 1.5 kms away from Narmadakund is the source of the river Sone, Sonmuda.

Other places of interest are Mai Ki Bagiya, the Kapildhara Falls, and the Jwaleshwar Temple.


You can also visit a Shiva temple, built in the style of the Khajuraho temple, near a small village called Pali.


Another tourist attraction is the fort at Lafagarh, also known as Chaiturgarh, situated at a height of 1,000 m. The famous Mahishasurmardini Temple. You can also participate in an Indian fair at Khutaghat, a beautiful lake, if you happen to visit the fort on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in the Hindu month of Bhadra.

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