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Ajanta Ellora Caves

Ajanta Ellora Caves Tours
Fact Files : Ajanta Ellora Caves

Location : Near Aurangabad City, Maharashtra, India.
Faiths : Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism.
Attraction : Indian rock-cut architecture, Cave Shrines Cut of Rocks.
Highlights : Ellora Festival of Classical Dance & Music.
Time to Visit : Anytime of the Year

Suggested Itinerary :
Ajanta Ellora Caves Tours
The Ajanta caves are located outside the village Ajanta, 107 km’s away from Aurangabad city and set in the semi-arid Sahayadri Hills over the Waghur River. Ajanta caves comprises of 29 rock-cut cave monuments was constructed in two phases. The first phase of caves was built around 200BC and the second phase of caves was built in 600 AD. The Ajanta caves feature beautiful paintings, murals, frescoes and sculptures that depict tales of Jatakas. These caves have well-preserved wall paintings of Boddhisattvas, Padmapani and Avalokiteshvara.

The Ellora caves complex, which is situated 30km from the city of Aurangabad is an archaeological site. It was built by the Rashtrakuta rulers between the 5th and 10th centuries. It comprises of 34 caves in the solid rocks of the Charanandri Hills. These caves are symbol of art, culture and architecture. The Ellora complex includes 12 (1-12) Buddhist caves to the south, 17 (13-29) Hindu caves in the center and 5(30-34) Jain caves to the north depict the beliefs of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The Kailash Temple which is in cave 16 has gateway, pavilion, assembly hall, sanctum and tower all chiseled from a single rock.

How to Reach Ajanta & Ellora Caves:

Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves are about 100 km and 30 km from Aurangabad respectively.

By Air:
The nearest airport to Ajanta Ellora Caves is Aurangabad which has regular flights to cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Udaipur and Jaipur.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station is Jalgaon railway station which is 59 km’s away from Ajanta. Aurangabad is another railway station which is well connected by rail directly with major cities like Mumbai and Pune.

By Road:
Ajanta Ellora Caves can be reached by taking a bus from major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jalgaon, Indore, etc. Transport facilities from Aurangabad to Ellora and from Jalgaon to Ajanta are also available.

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