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Agra Fort, Agra

Agra Fort, Red Fort of Agra
Fact Files : Agra Fort

Location: Near the Agra Cantonment Station area
Ideal Time to Visit: Anytime round the year, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Attraction: Jahangir Mahal, Divan-e-Aam How to Reach: Hire a cab or Auto from the hotel

Suggested Itinerary :
First Timer India

Besides, Taj Mahal there is another UNESCO heritage site in Agra to see, which is the "Agra Fort" also known as "Agra Red Fort" located within 2 km's from Taj Mahal on the banks of river Yamuna. It spread over 94-acre semicircular plan. Its chord lies parallel to the Yamuna River with seventy feet high walls. It is built in red sandstones and encloses many monuments, palaces, the Fish Pavilion, audience halls, the Nagina Masjid, Garden of Grapes and the Pearl Mosque. It resembles the Mughal Architecture along with 500 years of history associated with Mughal emperors. There were four gates on its four sides and one of them "Khizri gate" opening on to the river. Two of the fort gates which are noticeable are "Delhi Gate" and "Lahore Gate" known as Amar Singh gate. Currently Delhi gate is not in use of public, it is used by Indian Military. Only Amar Singh Gate is in use for public entry. Delhi Gate is considered as the grandest among four gates and a masterpiece in architecture during Akbar's time. White marble were used for its inlay work. A wooden drawbridge was used to reach the gate from mainland. An inner gate known as the 'Hathi Pol' or Elephant gateway guarded by two life-sized stone elephants with their riders - added another layer of security lies inside the Delhi Gate.

It is a very important site in terms of architectural history. Its architecture is a mix of Hindu and Islamic architecture. Some of the Islamic decorations feature sinful images of living creatures - elephants, dragons and birds, instead of the patterns and calligraphy of Islamic surface decoration. The Koh-i-noor diamond was captured by Babur in the year 1483 A.D.

There are many things to see inside Agra fort, those are:
Anguri Bagh (Grape Garden), Diwan-i-Am (Hall of Public Audience) - which was used to speak to the people and listen to petitioners, Diwan-i-Khas (Hall of Private Audience) -which was used to receive kings and dignitary, Golden Pavilions (Jahan Ara Pavilion and Roshan Ara Pavilion) - which was a beautiful pavilions with roofs shaped like the roofs of Bengali huts, Jahangiri Mahal, Khas Mahal - one of the best examples of painting on marble, Macchi Bhawan (Fish Enclosure), Mina Masjid (Heavenly Mosque), Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque) - which was built for use by members of royal court, Musamman Burj - a large tower with a balcony facing Takht-i-Jahangir - Throne of Jahangir, Nagina Masjid,the Taj Mahal,(Gem Mosque) - which was designed for the ladies of the court, Naubat Khana (Drum House) - was a place for playing music, Rang Mahal - where the king's wives and mistresses lived, Shahi Burj - the private work area of the great Shah Jahan, Shah Jahani Mahal - Shah Jahan's first attempt at modification of the red sandstone palace, Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) - royal dressing room featuring tiny mirror-like glass-mosaic decorations drums glass-mosaic decorations and built into the walls. Zenana Mina Bazaar (Ladies Bazaar) - right next to the balcony, where wares was sold by the female merchants.

How to Reach Agra Fort:
By Air:
Agra's Kheria Airport is located 8 km away from the city. The cost will be about Rs 150 from airport to c connecting Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.ity by taxi. Agra is combined to Varanasi, Delhi and Khajuraho by air transport. For other cities, tourists need to take the flight to Delhi and continue the onward journey by train or bus.

By Rail:
There are four railway stations in Agra - Agra Cantt, Agra Fort, Raja-ki-Mandi, and Idgah Agra Junction. The city joins very well by train services to all the important connecting Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.connecting Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. connecting Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

By Road:
The beautiful city Agra is connected by roadways to New Delhi, Lucknow and Kanpur. There is a service of many chartered tourist deluxe bus services from Delhi to Agra and will cost around Rs 400 per person for a deluxe bus. The city Lucknow and Kanpur connects to Agra by Road transport corporation buses. Kanpur to Agra is approximately 80 km's and costs about Rs 120 by state bus service.

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