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House Boat, Alleppey Tour & Travel


Alleppey is well known for its boat races, houseboats, coir products, fish and lakes. Alleppey is a lovely backwater destination, offering visitors many other leisure options like - boating and fishing, very popular with the tourists. With calm backwaters, beautiful houseboats, Cormorants, Chinese fishing nets and swaying palms - Alleppey is a perfect relaxation your senses.

The town was founded by Raja Keshawadasan, Divan of Travanacore in 1762. With the arabian sea on the west and a vast network of lakes, lagoons and fresh water rivers crisscrossing it, alappuzha is a district of immense natural beauty. Referred to as the venice of the east by travellers from across the world, this backwater country is also home to diverse animal and bird life. By virtue of its proximity to the sea, the town has always enjoyed a unique place in the maritime history of Kerala. Today, Alappuzha (Alleppey) has grown in importance as a backwater tourist centre, & also famous for its boat races, houseboat holidays, beaches, marine products and coir industry.

Kathakali Dancer, Calicut Tour & Travel


Calicut is situated in the south Indian state of Kerala on the southwest coast of the Arabian Sea. The district extends from latitude 11°15' N to 75°49' E. Basking in the idyllic setting of the serene Arabian Sea on the west and mesmeric peaks of the Wayanad hills on the east, this district has all the required ingredients to fascinate a tourist.

Due to its nearness to sea, the place has a hot and humid climate. Summer starts from March and continues until May. Maximum temperature recorded in the month of May is 36°C and minimum temperature recorded in the month of December is 14°C. Southwest monsoon arrives in the first week of June and average annual rainfall is 254 cm.

The outer world came to know about India in 1498 when Vasco da Gama came to Calicut and obtained permission to carry out trade from here. Quickly in succession came the English and Dutch. Disputes over the control of Calicut continued for a long time until 1792, when the East India Company went into an agreement with the local Zamori rulers to directly administer this area. Kerala was declared a state in 1956, and Calicut today is one of the most important centers of trade and business in this progressive state

Deer, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary Tour & Travel


Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary located in Kerala, South India is one of the better-known wildlife sanctuaries located in Kerala, South India. This entire wildlife park is covered with thorny scrub forests, wet grasslands, shoals and dry deciduous forests that provide a natural habitat for the Giant Grizzled Squirrel that has been declared as a endangered species.

During your wildlife tours from Karimuthi to Chinnar you get to watch wild animals such as spotted deer, monkeys, elephants and peacocks roaming freely on either side of the road. The Chinnar Wildlife Park got the distinction of being declared as a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1984. This wildlife sanctuary in Kerala, India is located close to the Anamalai Wildlife in Sanctuary Tamil Nadu, south India and the Eravikulam National Park in Kerala, South India.

Fishing Net, Cochin Tour & Travel


Cochin is the commercial capital of Kerala, and is sometimes referred to as the 'Queen of the Arabian Sea'. Cochin proudly boasts a rich cultural heritage, but is one of the most fast paced and modern cities in India. It is also one of the finest natural harbours of the world and a major Indian port. Cochin is basically a collection of islands and narrow peninsulas and can be divided into Ernakulam, Willingdon Island, Mattancherry and Fort Kochi. An international airport and seaport connect to the rest of the world.

Cochin, the mercantile center of Kerala has a great historical significance. Portuguese arrive to Kerala for trade and settled here in 16th century in the Fort Cochin area. The sight now lies in the World Heritage Zone. As a main trading point since Roman times, the city lies on the main trade route between Europe and China. Cochin is divided into 3 main zones, embellished with Fort Kochi, Willingdon Island and Ernakulam. Fort Kochi engrosses the South projection on the seaside of the Bay. Next the Willingdon Island established in 1920 by scooping the bay for the ships to enter the harbor. Ernakulam lies athwart the causeway from Willingdon Island on the opposite side of Bolghatty Island, a stretched confined peninsula.

Being situated very close to the sea, Kochi has a moderate climate. Heavy showers are experienced during the months June,July and August due to the South-West Monsoon. The North-East Monsoon brings light rainfall during the months September, October, November and December. December to February is pretty cool. The annual rainfall is about 310 cm . In summer the temperature rises to a maximum of 35 ºC while in winter it is around 25 ºC.

Elephants, Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Tour Package


Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near Munnar in Kerala. This wildlife sanctuary is spreaded across an area of 97 sq. kms, the park exhibits the breathtaking natural splendor of rolling grasslands and exotic flowers. Anamudi, the highest peak south of Himalayas, towers over the sanctuary in majestic pride. The Atlas Moth, largest of its kind in the world, is a unique possession of the park.Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is a sanctuary set up for the preservation of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr.

Idukki Backwater, Idukki Tour Package


The unspoiled natural queen of Kerala, a tourist paradise, "Idukki". This is the most gifted district of Kerala. About 1500 Sq.Km. of its area is reserved forest, much of which is home to a variety of flora and fauna. This forest area house wild life like, tigers, deer, Indian bisons and monkeys. Streams, valleys and hills combine to make Idukki an ideal year-round holiday destination.

The scenic beauty of Idukki is unique in every respect. It has nothing to boast of the rise and fall of dynasties, but it has housed a flourishing civilization. The Mangaladevi Temple dedicated to Kannaki of ancient Tamil literature, Marayur Caves known as 'Muniyaras' with ancient cave paintings, Muthalakkudam Church built in the 13th century, Minar mosque built by Vadakkumkoor Rajas etc speak volumes of the civilization that flourished in Idukki. PAINAVU is the district Headquarters.

Bharatanatyam Dance, Kerala Tour & Travel


Part of the famous Malabar region, Kannur has historically always been in the thick of action. Kollathiri Rajas, Pazhassi Rajas, Ali Rajas, The Portuguese, The Dutch, The French, The British, then the freedom struggle etc are all part of its history. Forts, Temples, Beaches and the temple festivals make Kannur worth visiting. In and Out of Kannur Nearest airports are Manglore (150 km ), Calicut (110 km), Cochin (310 km) and Bangalore (324 km). Trains are a better way to reach Kannur. All major trains stop at Kannur. There are trains from Bombay, Goa, Mangalore, Madras, Trivandrum, Cochin, Calicut and Coimbatore.

Ponnani Beach, Malappuram Tour & Travel


Malappuram (literally, a land atop hills) is situated 50 km south east of Kozhikode. Bounded by the Nilgiri hills on the east, the Arabian sea on the west and Thrissur and Palakkad districts on the south, Malappuram is enriched by three great rivers flowing through it - the Chaliyar, the Kadalundi and the Bharathapuzha. It was a famous centre for Hindu-Vedic learning and Islamic philosophy.

Pookottur near Malappuram, has a place in history, where the Mopla warriors faught the British with their traditional weapons and were killed in cold blood, during the Malabar Rebellion. Panakkad, 6 km from Malappuram in Malappuram - Parappanangadi road, is an important spiritual centre for the Muslims of Kerala. 10 km away from Malappuram, between Anakkayam and Mankada, is Poonkudi Mana, famous for the traditional method of treatment of mental illness. Seminars on modern treatment and traditional styles are conducted here. Poonkudi Thalapoli is a Hindu religious festival of this mania.

This district was the venue for many of the Mappila revolts between 1792 and 1921. The hill country has also contributed much to the cultural heritage of Kerala. It was a famous centre for Hindu-Vedic learning and Islamic philosophy. The temples and the mosques of this district are well-known for their spectacular festivals. Along with historic monuments and diverse natural attractions, a range of cultural and ritual art forms add to its value as a destination worth visiting.

House Boat, Kerala Tour & Travel


Meesapulimala is a highly adventurous destination for trekking. Its soft to hard trekking. You need not be in super shape to do this. However, you need to put your effort. Its one of the most beautiful places in south india. If lucky, you could spot elephants, Nilgiri Thars and other small wildlife. Trek involves moving through some thick forests followed by a plateau devoid of trees but covered thickly by shrubs. And you need to be prepared to do the trek in the rain and heavy wind.

Tea Garden, Munnar Tour &  Travel


Munnar, a misty, lush green hill station up in the Annamalai range of Kerala, is a tea plantation centre. Tea gardens, some of the highest in the world stretch up the sides of the hills and are interspersed with pockets of forest rich in wildlife. Munnar fact is like a giant Japanese garden stretching to the end of the horizon and makes an interesting change from coastal, palm fringed Kerala. It is situated at Ananmalai Hills 1520 meters above sea level . 4 hours drive from Cochin Airport/Ernakulam Railway station.

The best time to visit Munnar is between the months of October to March. Travelers must avoid the monsoon season while visiting Munnar. Travelers can have panoramic view of the verdant surroundings and forested hills from Munnar. Walks and hiking around this small town offer an exhilarating experience. Travelers can also enjoy walking amongst the numerous tea estates of Munnar and view the entire process of making tea, right from plucking of tealeaves to their processing at the Kundale tea plantation.

Elephants,Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary Tour & Travel


The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is a reservoir of tranquil greenery ensconced in a valley between the Annamalai ranges of Tamil Nadu and the Nelliampathy ranges of Kerala. The areas hilly and rocky, drained by several rivers, including the Parambikulam, the Sholayar and the Thekkedy. It abounds in a variety of trees, mainly teak, neem, sandalwood and rosewood. There are two watchtowers one at Anappadi, 8km from Thunakadavu, and other at Zungam, 5km from Thunkadavu. The rich fauna includes Bonnet Macaques, Tigers, Spectacled Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, Turtles, Darters, Little Cormorants and Black Eagles. The place is ideal for boating and trekking.

Periyar Lake, Thekkady Tour Package

Trivandrum / Thekkady

At the southern end of the state, Thiruvananthapuram is a district surrounded by the Arabian sea and the Western Ghats. The district headquarters, also of the same name, is the Capital of the state. During the British period and till a few years ago, it was known as Trivandrum, a name that suited the English to pronounce. A quiet, neat and clean city, it has a rich cultural heritage too.

The city of Thiruvananthapuram presides over one of the most scenic states stretching along the southern coast of the country, with the backwaters of the Arabian Sea reaching deep into the verdant countryside, Kerala affords a fascinating experience, the city once formed a part of the kingdom of the of Travancore, which had its capital at Padmanabhapuram (now in Tamil Nadu). Most of that royal heritage of fine buildings and palaces now houses the State Secretariat and other offices. But the beauty of the city is still intact, in the wide open avenues, parks, gardens, cultural institutions and undulating countryside.

Chembrapeak Lake, Wayanad Tour Package


The name Wayanad is believed to be derived from the word Vayalnadu, which means "the land of paddy fields". The present district of Wayanad was carved out from the parts of Kozhikode and Kannur districts which came into being on 1st November 1980 as the 12th district of Kerala. This district is perhaps one of the biggest foreign exchange earners of the State, thanks to its cash crops of pepper, cardamom, coffee, tea, vanilla, spices and other condiments.

On a clear day from the river border of Kabini, Waynad will seem to be a fairy land with the deep blue mountains juxtaposed with the less blue sky and white vagrant speaks of clouds amidst them. Waynad Introduction The name Waynad is derived from the expression 'Wayanadu' which means land of paddy fields. Wayanad offers a climate of the hill station similar to that of Oottacamand, offers a panorama of undulating hills and dales. The hills which might have been thick forest once, are now plantations of coffee, tea and cardamom.

There is luxuriant greenery all around. On a clear day from the river border of Kabini, Waynad will seem to be a fairy land with the deep blue mountains juxtaposed with the less blue sky and white vagrant speaks of clouds amidst them. The most characteristic aspect about Waynad is a large tribal population. Waynad has a small Jain Community consisting of the Gounders who came from Karnataka. They have built beautiful temples all over the district. The Kurichiyar of Waynad have a great martial tradition. They constituted the army of Pazhassi Veera Kerala Varma Raja who fought against the British forces in several battles. The descendants of those warriors are still expert archers.

The splendid scenic spectacle, with hills appearing deep blue in bright sunlight and mist covered most of the time, juxtaposing on the green of the paddy fields is mesmerizing. The east flowing rivers of Waynad are in striking contrast to the various rivers of the state. The Kabbani river of Waynad is a perennial source of water to the Kaveri river. The characteristic feature of the district is the presence of large numbers of tribals or Adivasis (Aborigines). The district also has small Jain community consisting of Gounders who came from Karnataka. The Jains have built beautiful temples in the district.

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