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Honeymoon Tours in India

Honeymoon Tour in IndiaPicture a honeymoon trip for newlyweds and then try to figure out what matters most on these trips. True – it is romance and love, passion and eroticism, sense of belonging and lust that takes on the mood during an ideal honeymoon trip. Honeymoon in India allows you to cast a spell that will transform itself into loving and affectionate memories that will last you a lifetime. India honeymoon destinations offer unique settings for honeymoon couples. It is the serenity with the beauty that keeps you in the right mood throughout your trip. Fragrance of wild flowers or cool and fresh sea breeze work as an aphrodisiac as you explore the beauty of the place, and much-needed seclusion in the comfort of your luxury suites or solitary tourism points allow you to keep things warm between two of you.

India is a land of sensuality. Khajuraho shrines with erotic sculptures in various sexual poses and lovemaking scenes forming a part of their intricate carvings are an ode to the most primitive notions of human and animal life forms. As you wonder about the openness of Hinduism to explicit depiction of what is considered to be sacred secret in most ancient religions, you will also gain a wonderful insight to explore what all marital life has to offer. The love tribute of Emperor Shah Jehan to his wife Mumtaz Mahal – Taj Mahal – is considered to be the Love Temple for all couples who are in true love with each other. The local folklores say that only those who have true love in their hearts can see the real beauty of this white marble wonder.

Honeymoon tours in India are not at all dull and boring. There are a lot of activities to indulge in. Fulfill your wildest fantasies at India, as you indulge in sinful desserts and delicacies of a place and exchange your likes and dislikes with each other. Discover ecstasy beyond the bedroom, as you splash amongst surging sea waves and wander in the wilderness of rich forests of India. Houseboat cruises are perhaps the most romantic options as you cuddle and let the gently rocking vessel bring you two closer to each other. The beautiful island palaces and luxury accommodations of Rajasthan let you delve in luxury and grandeur that are reminiscent of lavish lifestyle of medieval Rajputs.

Honeymoon Tours in India are restrained by the limitations of time and budget of the tourists but the impressions they create are indelible and will remain with you forever.

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