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Golden Triangle - Jaigarh Fort

Jaigarh Fort is a must visit place with Golden Triangle Tours This fort is the center of attraction for all the people who are interested in knowing about the fact that how the rulers were used to defend themselves against the attacks from their enemies. This is popular not because of its interior or exterior beauty but because of the history associated with it, unlike the other forts in Rajasthan which are known for their beauty and construction material. In fact, it simply conveys a message that this fort is the source of inspiration and encouragement. Sawai Raja Jai was the founder of this fort and the fort was built when the war between him and the Ajmers was going on. The Jaigarh Fort is also known as the Victory Fort and is located just at the distance of about 15 KM from the Rajasthan.

Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

One might be shocked to hear that the construction of Jaigarh Fort was started in the fifteenth century and it was ended in the early eighteenth century. The fort was built up on the famous Hill of Eagles in Rajasthan. The Amber Fort was erected in the bottom part of this hill. It is believed by the people that these two forts were the part of one complex building but due to some circumstances it was necessary to isolate these two forts, however, they are still connected by the guarded passages in between the two.


There are various attractions inside the fort like greenery, a tall tower and several temples built inside the fort.  The Jaigarh Fort consists of massive cannon which were named as Javian, because it used to be the center of production of constructional material during the erstwhile era. These cannon are among the largest cannons found in the other parts of the Globe.  The presence of the tanks inside the fort reveals the fact that this fort was used by the rulers at the time of wars. The rumors say that the Royal Family living in the fort used to store the gold, silver and other precious gems in the compartment below the tanks.

The entry of the fort starts from the Dungar Darwaja, after that comes the Shubhat Niwas. This place was used as the conference hall by the rulers of that era. The collection of the weapons used by the rulers is kept in the museum inside the fort. Some photographs are also displayed in the museum reflecting the themes of that era. The other attractions of the Jaigarh Fort are as follows:

  • Vijay Garh
  • Museums
  • Diya Burj
  • Lakshmi Vilas Palace
  • Lakshmi Vilas Armory and many more.


Every year the Jaigarh Fort attracts a large number of tourists and in fact, this spot is the main source of income for travel agencies and their agents. The museum consists of the large collection of arms, tank photos, coins processions and buildings which were used by the earlier of ancient times. The armory section includes the collection of swords, a 50 kg cannon ball, guns, shields and even the muskets. Also, by reaching the top floor of the fort, one can easily view the entire beauty of the city Rajasthan. If anyone is interested in experiencing the theme of the past India, then perhaps the Jaigarh Fort is the perfect place to visit.


Many people prefer to visit the forts during the winter time, because Rajasthan is extremely hot city and you might feel too hot while visiting the fort when the summers are at the peak. You can reach the Jaigarh Fort with ease either your travel agent can help you with the accommodation or you can hire the local taxes or even the local buses by paying nominal prices for that.

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