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Golden Triangle - Gwalior Fort

Discover the age old Gwalior Fort- Behind the walls - With Golden Triangle Tour India:



This place derived its name from Suraj Sen the then prince of Kachhwaha dynasty in the 8th century. He once lost his way to his place and stumbled upon an old man called Gwalipa who led him to a pond.


This prince was a leprosy patient and upon drinking the water from the pond he got completely cured. Hence, as a token of love and generosity he chose to built walls on the hill to protect the sages from chanting and doing pujas. He later on went to build a fort after this sage which eventually got its name.

Gwalior Fort



It is located at a distance of 8 km from the Airport. The major cities that connect to this fabulous location are Mumbai, Jabalpur and Delhi. This place is balanced carefully with respect to rail as well as air. The state highways connect Gwalior fort to other places of MP. This place happens to be the ideal location for people interested in ancient architecture. Architects must have checked this fort at least once in their lifetime.




Gwalior is located in Madhya Pradesh towards the south of Agra. This place is known as the perfect architectural destination. This entire fort easily spreads across 3 km. Most of the walls surrounding the fort are made of sandstone. This fort encompasses six huge palaces, three temples and umpteen number of water tanks. If you are an excited tourist you would consider visiting some adjoining villages to this fort too.




This fort was built in the 15th century by King Raja Man Singh Tomar. This fort had its own share of ups and downs with many rulers capturing ownership. This was the period when Mughals ruled India and adjoining areas. Hence the fort which was initially held by Tomars went on to Mughals, Marathas and finally to the British. This entire passage of power and dynasty took a good five hundred years. The most famous temple of this fort is undoubtedly the Teli-ka-Mandir.


Architecture Styling


It was built keeping the Dravidian style and shrine formatting in mind. The sculptors of this fort were worth observing. There are two temples adjoining each other nicknamed as the Saas-Bahu temple. They look extremely beautiful with large pillars and interiors. This fort had its share of brutality conducted by Emperor Aurangazeb as he killed his brother Murad inside the palace. Secondly, this fort also remembers the gruesome death of Jauhar Kund women who burnt themselves soon after the defeat of king. There are many other known palaces inside this fort such as the Shah Jahan Mahal, Karan Palace and Jahangir Mahal.


Festive Occasions


Gwaliorites celebrate most festivals like Holi, X-mas, Eid-ul-fitr, Raksha Bandhan, Gudi Padwa etc. There has been excitement amongst youngsters to celebrate Valnetine’s Day as well as New Year’s Eve. The population seems to be Cosmopolitan with majority acknowledging every festival with enthusiasm.


Best Plans


The best season to visit Gwalior fort is during winter season. The fort attracts large number of tourists during the musical competitions. This place also allures architects and artists from across the globe due to the historic captivity. Gwalior Fort isn’t a place where you expect to dazzle yourself with excitement. It is the calm serene fort which helps you to understand the creative visualization of artisans and rulers of those years.




There are many hotels that provide accommodation for people visiting these forts. You should easily leave out a couple of days to visit Gwalior Fort and the adjoining areas. Most of you could stay at hotels in any adjoining area. This place mainly provides vegetarian food.

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