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Desert Safari at Sam Sand Dunes

sam Sand Dunes, JaisalmerA Desert of Amazing Silence and Rolling Sand Dunes
Travel down to the stunning Sam Sand Dunes near Jaisalmer to witness the undulating mounds of golden sands ever shifting their shapes to the direction of winds. The exotic desert life of Rajasthan finds its zenith in the stark work of Nature, at this famous desert destination of Rajasthan, with smooth curves and ripples that glow with a magical gleam as the huge sun of the desert sky sinks into its nightly abode in the evening. The soft adventure of riding the camels into this entrancing sight is an experience you will not easily forget. The beautiful stay in the traditional Rajasthani tents or lavish Swiss tents at Sam Sand Dunes, invariably featuring lively campfire nights sprinkled with folk dance and musical performances of the desert state, is one of the most-in-demand desert experiences in international tourists who opt for luxury India tours or special Rajasthan tours.

The deep silence of the deserts seems a perfect cure for our nerves frayed by din and stress of our busy lives. Driving into nothingness in total silence into the molten gold of the stunning Indian desert in the morning, and then relaxing by the bonfire with haunting strains of desert music and graceful sweeping movements of Ghoomar and Kalbeliya dances of Rajasthan under the brightest stars in the sky in the night – is a fantasy you are offered only at Sam Sand Dunes in Rajasthan. the shimmering sand and native camels, who are pride of their owners, in the region make for some enchanting images.

Spend the next day interacting with native people of Rajasthan, living in small traditional villages and immerse yourself in their unusual traditions and customs. Experience the religious fervor and fierce pride for their castes of your gracious hosts first hand and see how the indomitable human spirit has find ways to temper the monotony of Nature’s chromatic palette by introducing vibrant colors in almost everything – from daily wear to hand painted frescoes (on the walls of thatched mud huts and Havelis alike) to handicrafts and paintings to other items of daily use. Take a walk around the local markets to see the artistic renditions of the desert dreams or opt for a horse ride and sample traditional cuisines of the region with age-old secret recipes specific to the region.

The luxury tents available for desert camping experiences in the region often incorporate traditional arts and crafts of Marwar to lend them an authentic Rajasthani feel. They are often equipped with all the basic amenities and comforts, such as western style toilets and bath, comfortable beds, and a royal ambience to keep the guests as cocooned as possible and simulate the comforts of some of the most famous palace heritage hotels of the Rajasthan, even in the midst of the desert. The cuisines available in Swiss tents often include international menu as well as traditional gourmet delights of Rajasthan with theme dinners and gala performances by local artists. So, if you want an India tour with a difference, ask for a luxury India tour with Camel Safari to Sam Sand Dunes as one of its main highlights.

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