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To be in India is to allow some conflicting emotions to sweep you over. There are such diametrically opposite elements which make up the country, that you are sure to have covered the most comprehensive range of experiences before you have finished.

Youthful enthusiasm and timeless traditions, ancient history and modern sophistication, humble hospitality and lofty ideals, freezing snow and scorching deserts are just some of the disparities you will notice. India is the melting pot of religions, cultures and values which help define her character. Find for yourself the elements which make India the glamorous beauty she is, and the experiences which bring out her simplicity.

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India Tour Information
India Tour-Red Fort, Delhi India is a land of diversity and yet it stands united. Foster had aptly described this country as “there are hundred India’s” in his Passage to India in 1920. There are sights that leave your appalled and yet there are thousands of beauties in this land that enthrall you as well. Each day is different and laden with surprises and delights for your senses. It would take an eternity to count each new discovery that you make in this country. India is a country that promises the widest range of topographical and cultural diversity that can be possibly assembled in one time zone. This land welcomes everyone one with open heart and sense of understanding. 

Historical India
Historical India-Taj Mahal TourIndia’s history dates back to nearly 2500BC when the Indus Valley inhabitants developed a pattern of living similar to modern day urban culture based on agricultural trade and commerce. It declined around 1500BC mostly due to ecological changes. After the decline of the Indus Valley civilization, the Dravidian and Aryan tribes migrated from the northwest in the second millennium. They settled around the Ganges and adapted to the antecedent cultures. Under the Principality of Magadha they all united but eventually Magadha lost control but most of the northeast India was re-united in the 4th Century. This was the Golden Age when the Hindu culture and its political administration reached its new horizons. Around 500BC the Huns attacked Magadh dynasty and destroyed it.

Religious India
Religious India-Varanasi Ghat Various religions in India coexist which makes it’s the only country in the world to have the largest number of religions in one country. These religions have not only flourished but grown in strength as religion is an integral part of Indian life. It largely affects the personal lives of the people in day-to-day basis. It is a secular country where all religions are well honored equally by the state. In spite of numerous invasions, colonialism, persecutions and political upheavals the religious integrity of the country has withstood the test of times making it one of the rare countries in the world to do so. 

National Parks
National Parks India-Tiger, Bhandhavghar
If you ever dreamt of living in jungles and have an adventure with wild beasts, India’s jungle safaris are the answer to your adventure streak. Tigers, lions, hyenas, elephants, rhinoceros, eagles, yaks, crocodiles, panthers, wild bears, eagles, birds, fishes and animals you haven’t yet seen or heard about flourish in India’s extensive wildlife preserves. The jungle beasts and their natural habitats have an appeal that we can’t resist – perhaps they still hold a charm to our primitive past. Whatever the case be, India’s wildlife sanctuaries, bird sanctuaries, tiger reserves, and national parks have many surprises to offer.
Rare and endangered species of terrestrial and avian fauna, flora with miraculous healing powers, old forts and temples, royal hunting lodges, pools and lakes, and luxurious forest resorts form some of the main attractions of wildlife tours of India.

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